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Welcome to Femme Cents! My name is Cody and this is a blog that offers advice, hope, and tips for those who dream of financial freedom and building wealth.

I started this blog when I realized that we were getting sucked into the vortex of lifestyle inflation. Up until 2017, my husband and I thought everything was going for us. We had both finished graduate school, moved around the country a little bit, got better jobs, bought newer cars and a nice big house… Even though our incomes were growing we were stuck in a spinning cycle of accumulating and paying off debt and our net worth wasn’t growing.

I realized something needed to change.

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The mountains are my happy place

This blog focuses on these three things:

1. Getting your finances under control. 

This includes paying off debt, investing, and frugality. We’ve paid off over $50000 in debt in the last three years. We used to be stuck in the habit of spending everything we made each month. Now, I’m sharing our quest to make the switch from being consumers of debt to being savers and investors.

2. Learning to live a life of intentionality.

When I had the realization that we had fallen into the lifestyle inflation trap, I looked hard at what had changed for us over the last several years and realized that many of the things we were spending money on did not measurably improve our lives.

This blog shares my quest to incorporate intentional spending and conscious consumerism into my life.

I don’t want to look back in 30 years and regret how I spent my time or my money. Instead, I want to build a life built around adventure, passion, family, new experiences, and meaningful work. I believe that requires incorporating intentionality into our actions and choices instead of letting inertia take over and giving in to what is “expected”.

3. Finding Financial Independence. 

Currently, I’m a full-time working Mom. I am fortunate enough to have a career that I enjoy and a workplace with great benefits that offers flexibility for my family life. But even so, when I envisioned sitting in my little cubicle for the next 40 years, that vision made me very sad.

I’ve realized that my career is not my only ambition. 

I dream of going on adventures. My husband and I have a dream of taking our kids to all the national parks before the graduate high school. We envision doing this through long road trips in the summers. Maybe when they’re older, we’ll even spend weeks abroad. Mr. FC can do this because he works in education and has summers off, but I will need to change something in my career to make that happen when the time comes.

I also dream of a life lived on my own terms. I want the time to read, write, explore, and not spend my weekends cleaning. Ultimately, I want to spend my time as I see fit.

Financial independence for us means living the life we want with the lifestyle we want, on our terms. I will be sharing the strategies we use to get there which we envision will include investing and building passive/flexible income streams.

A few more tidbits about me

I live near the beautiful Rocky Mountains. When I’m not blogging, I enjoy baking, hiking, DIY projects and attempting to become an organized human being (although it still eludes me). I’m also an avid reader and enthusiast of non-fiction books. Join me!

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