2018: The year to appreciate

I was recently listening to the Pantsuit Politics podcast. It’s an entertaining podcast where two women (a conservative and a liberal) talk about politics. I enjoy spaces where different political opinions, or differing ideas in general, can come together and thoughtfully discuss their differences with respect and eloquence. Our society needs more dialogues like this […]

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Three Christmases and a Birthday

Image of two hands holding a wrapped present over a table - Three Christmases and a Birthday | Femme Cents

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is scoping out the perfect gifts for certain people. I enjoy thinking about the people I love and finding something that I think represents them or something they would enjoy. These are often not big, extravagant gifts, but in my experience, a small thoughtful gift can bring more […]

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Giving Christmas Hope

Image of Christmas Lights around a metal railing - Giving Christmas Hope | Femme Cents

I donated to a GoFundMe campaign today. I’m not saying that to seek any kind of praise or recognition. But I write about it here to tell you the story that goes along with why. Yesterday evening, I was at my Mom’s house. She has a weekly get together with some of her friends that […]

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My no-budget money strategy

(This post may contain affiliate/referral links. For more info, please read my disclosure.) Personal finance blogger confession right here: I’m a budget failure. It’s not that I haven’t tried! I’ve got a super kick@$$ spreadsheet that I’m rather proud of that I use to track what I spend each month, but I’m admittedly BAD at telling […]

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What I’m thankful for this year

Picture of mountain countryside. Thankful for beautiful views!

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It is very closely followed by Christmas, but this is the holiday that my family gets together for most consistently and I love the emphasis on gratitude. My grandmother, Grandma G, had a tradition where every year before we could eat, we had to go around the table and […]

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