I’m Still Here

Hey friends. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little AWOL lately. I don’t have any excuses… it was really just life. It started when I was thrown under the bus by back-to-back illnesses that ultimately ran through my whole house.  Then, I was infected by a bit of an existential blogging crisis followed by […]

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2018: The year to appreciate

I was recently listening to the Pantsuit Politics podcast. It’s an entertaining podcast where two women (a conservative and a liberal) talk about politics. I enjoy spaces where different political opinions, or differing ideas in general, can come together and thoughtfully discuss their differences with respect and eloquence. Our society needs more dialogues like this […]

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Three Christmases and a Birthday

Image of two hands holding a wrapped present over a table - Three Christmases and a Birthday | Femme Cents

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is scoping out the perfect gifts for certain people. I enjoy thinking about the people I love and finding something that I think represents them or something they would enjoy. These are often not big, extravagant gifts, but in my experience, a small thoughtful gift can bring more […]

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