7 Christmas Gift Ideas for People Who Don’t Need Anything

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for People Who Don't Need Anything - Femme Cents
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I love trying to pick out Christmas gifts to people. But some people are just hard to shop for!

When giving gifts to people. I try to avoid getting people junk they won’t use. I don’t like clutter, and I don’t like wasting money giving things people really don’t need.

Inevitably though, there are going to be people in your life who just seem like they don’t need anything.

And it’s probably true! Many of us are very fortunate that our basic needs are more than met. But, it’s still a nice gesture to show that you are thinking of them.

These are the people that I find great joy in overcoming the challenge and finding something meaningful to give them.

So, without further ado, here are my suggestions of gifts for people in your life who seem like they don’t need anything:

1. A good quality travel mug

 Everyone needs a good mug.

I’ve tried the expensive brands like Yeti, but this one is cheaper and I like it better. I was afraid that a clutz like me would spill it regularly, but I use this mug daily and that hasn’t been an issue! There are colors to match anyone’s tastes.

2. An Amazon Echo

My in-laws gave us one of these a couple years ago. I was resistant at first – I thought it was unnecessary and that I wouldn’t use it.


This is now my absolute favorite gadget in the house.

You can use it to listen to ANYTHING. It helps me to discover new types of music and I can play my podcasts while cooking dinner. It tells jokes, and the news, and you can ask it the weather. After a year of using this, I gave two as gifts and the people I gave them to are in love as well.

This is a great gift for anyone because no matter what their taste in music is, they can use it in a way that will suit them.

My little one and I around Christmas time last year.
The kiddo and I around Christmas last year. Notice the pigtails! Gah!

3. An Audible Subscription

Use it with your Amazon echo 😉 Audible is a service that provides members with new audiobooks each month. This is a great minimalist gift idea for the people in your life who like books, or who have long commutes.

Each month, members can get 3 new audiobooks. 1 credit can be used to pick a new audiobook – this can be ANY audiobook at ANY price. Members can also get two Audible original audiobooks. Membership also provides access to complimentary audio shows and news stories. AND if you want to purchase any other audiobooks, members can get them at a discount of 30% off.

With an audible subscription, you can help a loved one cultivate a library without increasing the physical clutter in their home. Try it free for 30 days and receive a free audiobook!

4. Gourmet food item + recipe

This is an idea for the foodies in your life. If you know an adventurous eater or a cooking enthusiast, consider giving them a unique ingredient and then suggestions for a way to use it. My dad is a true foodie and I enjoy doing this with him.

Example items you could give include gourmet infused oils with suggestions for how to use them.

Or you could give something like a unique spice with an exotic cookbook.

5. Gifts to help them be more sustainable

Nobody needs clutter. But there are many practical gifts most people could use to help them reduce their waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Some ideas include silicone lids to replace the need for plastic wrap, beeswax wraps to replace plastic bags, a conversion kit to make your toilet use less water*, or a WiFi controlled thermostat.

These gifts also have the added benefit of helping them to be more frugal! When they’re not having to constantly buy disposable plastic, they’re also saving money.

*My husband told me this would be a totally weird gift to buy for someone else, but I would love it if someone gave me something like this so I’m vetoing him and keeping it in here 😛

6. A donation in their name

What better way to honor someone than to spread goodwill throughout the world in their honor. Donate to causes they are passionate about and if you are unsure of who to donate to, consider using the website Charity Navigator to discover new charities and evaluate how others are using their funds.

If you don’t know what causes someone is passionate about, use the period before Christmas to nurture your relationship with them a little more, dig, and find out. Call them up, have a conversation about life, then tell them you’re thinking about making a donation this holiday season. Ask if they know of any charities that could use it. Then when Christmas rolls around, you can surprise them. Easy peasy.

7. The World’s Most Perfect Pillow

I bought this recently and IT. WAS. LIFE. CHANGING. 4000 other people and their 5-star reviews all agree with me. Everyone wants to get better sleep, and everyone needs a pillow, just saying.


And don’t forget… shiny wrapping paper is not only NOT recyclable but it’s also super over-priced. Give your gifts in recyclable brown paper packaging tied up with string (or reused gift bags) to be frugal and eco-conscious all at once!

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for People who Don't Need Anything - Femme Cents

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  1. Yes!!!! The Amazon Echo is amazing! I got my Dad one and I was unsure how it would go over. He loves it!

    I would also add that things like gratitude journals also go over well. Sometimes you just need a little help recognizing the bounty around you. 🙂

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