I’m Still Here

Hey friends. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little AWOL lately. I don’t have any excuses… it was really just life. It started when I was thrown under the bus by back-to-back illnesses that ultimately ran through my whole house.  Then, I was infected by a bit of an existential blogging crisis followed by a whole lot of imposter syndrome. Since I wasn’t writing, I was instead thinking (probably too much)…

What am I writing about? Does anyone actually read this? Does it matter if they do?

So I took a break.

I thought about quitting… I had even decided I was ok with doing so at one point. However, then I got back on Twitter and was reminded that I really really like the personal finance blogging community. I enjoy the people and the content they put out there, and I enjoyed being a part of it. I don’t want to leave that.

After that, I went back and read through some of my old posts and reminded myself I’m proud of some of the posts I had done. Some are better than others, but that’s the name of the blogging game, right? And ultimately, I’m writing for myself. If people read it, great! If they don’t, I’m still getting something out of it.

Then, I thought about what do I want to do moving forward? To decide that, I needed to recognize that I’ve had two major struggles with my blog so far…

First, is that I’ve never really felt secure about my place in the money blogging world.

Am I FI blogger? I like to think so… although I’m nowhere close to that or even have it figured out. Am I a RE (retire early) blogger… not really, and I’m not sure that’s the path to take (a post for another time). If those are both the case, then what is the story I’m telling?

I don’t feel like I have the expertise to write truly educational money articles and I think that’s part of what I was trying to do. I’m not a CFP, I don’t have any formal training in finance, I’m relatively young so my money-related life-experience is still somewhat limited, and I was trying to create content that just didn’t work for me. I think that was the really the crux of my downfall. I let myself get beaten down by the fact that I don’t have a headline-grabbing story and I was struggling to create one (when it wasn’t there), but it took me a while to realize that there is still value in my story.

So, I may not have a plan to retire in 4 years and travel the world on a camel with my toddler and a cat… I have my own story and one that some may be able to relate to or connect to more than those sensational ones. My goal is to own it and show the semi-normal person’s journey.

I’m a late 20’s Mom with unidentifiable spit-up on my dress pants who is going through a late-onset parenting/career quarter-life crisis. I can show that path to FI. Stick around because it may be a long story.

Second… I am going to re-brand!

I am super excited about this. Really though, it’s just a name change. When I came up with the name Femme Cents I was trying to create a name that would show I wanted to speak about money and write for women, but I don’t think the content I’ve created and the direction I want to go really support that title.

I love personal finance and will continue to write about it, but I also want the freedom to write about more and I want a brand that can support more content. I am still a feminist who will write content for women (and men) from a woman’s perspective, but I just feel like I want a brand with which I connect better.

I’ve probably read too many “How to Blog” articles and I think rather than trying to create a specific mold or follow a set formula for this blog and my writing, I just need to write and see where I end up! That’s probably not a $1 million blogging strategy, but that has never been my goal. I have a suspicion that if I just relax about it a bit, things will come together and I will figure out my flow. So, stay tuned for the launch of the rebrand!

I’m very excited about getting back into blogging and almost more than that I’m excited about being involved again with the personal finance community. Y’all are some great people and you inspire me to be better.

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