Three Christmases and a Birthday

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One of my favorite parts about Christmas is scoping out the perfect gifts for certain people. I enjoy thinking about the people I love and finding something that I think represents them or something they would enjoy.

These are often not big, extravagant gifts, but in my experience, a small thoughtful gift can bring more joy to someone than something expensive and unnecessary.

I try not to give trinkets or things that I think will just end up as clutter, but rather find something that the other person will actually use or derive joy from. I really enjoy this part of the holidays, giving and seeing it bring joy to people.

When I can’t find an item that meets my meaningfulness criteria, I usually give experiences (think tickets or gift cards to restaurants or movies) or food (this raspberry, dark chocolate chip banana bread was my go-to gift for friends this year).

There’s a lot of judgment on the internet surrounding Christmas gifts. You’ll find plenty of articles saying you’re spending too much on Christmas, or giving too many gifts (especially to kids), or you shouldn’t give consumer things, give experiences or homemade things!

The only wrong way to give is if you don’t enjoy it and you’re not at peace with that you’re giving. As long as you give from the heart, you do you!

I enjoy making gifts, but sometimes I also enjoy buying things for people. For Curly we tried to strike a balance (since she’s not old enough to appreciate it yet). We made her a busy board, and bought a set of bath letters so there was something for her to open on Christmas Day. It was something I was planning on buying anyway.

Image of toddler playing with tactile board on the wall - Three Christmas and a Birthday | Femme Cents
Curly playing with the busy board we made. Dad didn’t want to wait until third Christmas to give it to her 🙂


The Femme Cents Christmas plans

We’re expecting single digit temperatures here tomorrow and snow, so I’m holding out that we’ll get a white Christmas and it will make the cold weather worth it!

Our Christmas celebrations this year seem to be centered around food. Since I’m an adult child of divorce and we have a mixed and blended family we get multiple Christmases. I just look at it as spreading around the joy!

Image of Cody and Curly in front of the Christmas tree with emojis in front of faces - Three Christmases and a Birthday | Femme Cents
Look at those pigtails!

Our first Christmas was with my Dad when he took all us kids out to dinner. He’s a true foodie and enjoys making sure we eat exotic food regularly so the last few years he has taken us all out to a nice dinner in Denver. Since everything is more work with an infant though, I requested we just stay in town this year. We ended up eating hibachi but I think it was still a blast.

We’ll be having Christmas celebration 2 of 3 tonight with my Mom. My step Dad is making lasagna. You will find me decorating Christmas cookies and trying not to eat six of them at once.

Christmas Day also happens to be my sister’s birthday. Growing up, it was always our tradition to have birthday cake as Christmas dessert and now if I celebrate the holiday away from her it’s totally weird for me to have anything else for Christmas dessert. So, since we’re celebrating with her tonight, we’ll have birthday cake too, of course!

I may gain 4 pounds by tomorrow morning. The real Christmas (our third!) isn’t even until next week when my mother-in-law is cooking for us! She’s a great cook and loves sugar. I’m in big trouble guys. Good thing I’m training for a half-marathon.

I also want to let you know that after today, I’m going to be taking a blogging break until the new year.

I plan to use the time to get ahead on some content, spend time with my family and get caught up on some hours at work since I’ve had to take a couple sick days with Curly this month. Darn cold season.

No matter how you are spending your holidays I hope you get the chance to spend time with people you care about, relax, and share a little bit of joy with someone else.

I’ll check back in with you all in a few weeks, but in the meantime you’ll still find me on Twitter and Instagram.

Be merry and well.



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