My 2018 goals (and a 2017 recap!)

I’ve written before about how I’m a big believer in the power of putting thoughts into writing. I have not always been good at doing that with goals, so I am trying something new this year and writing them all down.

Sure, I’ve made the New Years resolutions that inevitably failed, but I want these to goals to be different. I want my goals to be concrete and writing them down will give me a record to come back to, to hold me accountable, and to remind me of my purpose.

Before I get into next year, let’s talk about what we’ve accomplished in 2017

This has been a huge year! We’ve:

Not everything we did this year was perfect though. Since we were trying to tackle so much debt and saving for a birth, we cut back on our retirement contributions. While I’m grateful we cash-flowed all the medical bills and paid off a ton of debt, I’m slightly regretful we missed out on contributing during a period of such prosperous returns. Oh well, such is life.  At least the debt is gone, and we’re not going to stagnate. Onward to next year and ramping up our savings!

Our 2018 goals:

  • Personal Finance Goals
    • Max out a 457 account
    • Max out an HSA
    • Pay off our last consumer debt (a truck)
    • Open an IRA for Mr. FC and consolidate his retirement accounts from previous employers
    • Meet an after-tax savings rate of 33%. (Hey we’re new to this whole FI thing… we’re getting there. Daycare cuts a good chunk into this too, boo).
  • Side hustles:
    • Me: Don’t quit blogging! Get my first freelance writing gig.
    • Mr. FC: Start an aerial drone photography side hustle.
  • Personal Goals:
    • As a family we want to get outside more. It wasn’t as easy this year to go with a newborn, but we’ve missed the outdoors! The mountains have been calling my name! Plus, I need more beautiful pictures to use for blog posts so I don’t have to resort to boring stock photos.
    • Run my first half-marathon in April
    • Mr. FC is finishing an education program that will make him eligible for a new position that makes more money. It’s competitive though, and dependent on a limited number of available openings, but we’re hoping he can get a new job next year!

Things to give up next year:

I’m consciously aware that it is too easy to let our wells run dry. By taking on too many things without striking a balance and giving something up, it is far too easy to let ourselves become overwhelmed and burn out. I think that is why so many New Years Resolutions fail.

Luckily, most of our financial goals don’t require too much active effort in our everyday lives. I will set the savings to be automated and then forget about it! The only active part that will impact our day-to-day activities is that it will equate to less spending money, but that’s fine with us. We’d rather put that money to work!

The side hustles do take time. I’m realizing blogging can take a LOT of time! But that’s where I realize it’s important to strike a life balance and recognize that something has got to give.

These are not new goals, but ongoing ones that I am continually trying to work on. I want to give up:

  • Watching so much TV at night – some nights we binge, but not every night. I want to remind myself that time is my most valuable resource and spend it actively engaged with my daughter, exercising, reading, blogging, or being more present with the people around me.
  • Eating out as often – eh, enough said. While I love good food, it’s better for health and the wallet.
  • Clutter – I am not an ascribed minimalist yet, but I see the benefits of the lifestyle. I’m working on getting there.
  • Trying to please everyone else – always an ongoing battle. Being a recovering people-pleaser is not an overnight fix, but a necessary one for mental health and life balance.
  • Busyness – I want to appreciate simplicity. I feel like having a baby around has helped with this, but I want to be sure not to resort back to old ways.

So, there you have it! I’ve put my goals on paper (in a sense), and hopefully this will help me stick to it.

Are you proud of what you accomplished this year? Regretful? What are your goals for 2018?

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  1. Wow you’ve done a lot in one year! How have you balanced having a blog and having a baby? Sometimes I can’t tell which one takes more time(I kid I kid.. Of course the kid does!). Are you back at full time work too?

    1. You’re right balancing a blog and a baby can be hard! (Sometimes it feels like two babies hehe) I do work full time so when I get home I try to make sure I spend my time with my daughter and focus on her, but she goes to bed early so when she’s asleep then it’s blogging time.

  2. Your accomplishments this year are really amazing, and your 2018 goals are solid. This year was the first year I’ve been able to max out my retirement contributions. Although I’ve never had any big life events like having a baby (which would obviously get in the way of some financial goals), in the past smaller things like moving and getting a new job got in the way of maxing my savings. Most of my 2018 goals are to have just as a successful year saving as I’ve had this year.

    1. Thank you! There are so many things that happen in life that can get in the way of savings, it’s hard to make the mindset shift to put savings first, but it sounds like you’ve done that. Congrats on your success with saving this year and good luck next year!

  3. We didn’t go out much too during our baby’s first year but that will change when yours starts walking more. It will be a bit easier going out and about. We planning a camping trip sometime next year when he turns 2, hopefully he will enjoy the outdoors.

    1. I’ve heard camping with toddlers is a blast (and I don’t mean that sarcastically!). They are so excited and interested in the world around them and everything is new. Enjoy!

    1. Yes, daycare can be annoyingly expensive, but I try not to complain about it too much because I know it’s an active choice we made, and I do think there are benefits from it! Best of luck with your little one next year!

  4. Whoa, you accomplished so much this year! At first I was like, paid off student loans WOO! And then I saw “had a baby” and I was like, omg you actually had an insane year!

    I like your list of goals for 2018 – and truly give yourself a high five. Things aren’t simple when you have a kiddo and if you need to zone in front of the TV one night while baby is teething… it happens (I don’t have kids but my best friends had one last December and I got to see it all in 2017…)

    Congrats for an amazing 2017 and can’t wait to see what y’all accomplish in 2018! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Haha, I purposefully didn’t put ‘stop all TV watching’ for that very reason, sometimes you just need a fun little mental escape (especially during teething).

  5. Love your goals. Mine are very similar. To be posted soon hopefully.

    Don’t quit blogging is a big one. I’ve received much more (non-financial) benefits from it than I can even compute. On the other hand, blogging takes up a ton of time. As you mention, time is our most valuable resource. I want and need to keep it going. Documenting that goal may help!

    1. I totally understand you mean about the non-financial benefits of blogging! I didn’t expect that either! I wish you luck on your 2018 goals and hope you stick with blogging too 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’m afraid people-pleasing is just my personality type, but I’ve found that the internal stress of worrying about upsetting people can sometimes be worse than just sticking up for myself. It just takes practice 🙂

  6. You crossed some serious financial milestones this year and that’s something to be proud of. I’m always making a real attempt to watch less TV, Netflix, and YouTube in 2018 and spend more time reading. I also like how you mentioned being more “present” and aware of how you’re using your time.

    Looking forward to watching your progress in 2018 🙂

    1. Good luck on achieving your reading goals next year! I feel like I think better when I read more instead of watch TV and it helps me develop better blog content. Thanks for stopping by!

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