What is my why?

My blog has been live for about three weeks now and I have to say that it’s a little bit addicting. I wrote my first post because I was ecstatic about paying off my student loans in a huge lump sum but didn’t want to brag to my friends or family. I honestly expected no one to read, but I put myself out there and then I got a few page views. Then I got my first email subscriber and I was elated! The internet is a great listener, right?

Up to this point, I’ve just been posting things that are on my mind, but I’ve been trying to focus and think, what is my point for doing this? Why am I blogging and putting myself out there?

Here are my four why’s for blogging about personal finance.

1. Accountability to reach my goals

My husband and I have been working for a while to get out of debt. We got down to our last $7000 loan and then bought a truck.

Little girl doing a facepalm

I plan to use this blog as a bit of an accountability journal. Our goal is to pay off the truck by May 2018 (hopefully sooner) then build up our savings. Maybe we’ll decide to pursue the retire early route then. Who knows? My goal is to have endless opportunities at that point.

2. To pursue a childhood dream

As a kid, whenever people asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer was always, a writer. I used to love to write, and journal, and read. However, I’m also a pretty logical and practical person (any other INTJs out there?). As I got older, I talked myself out of it. Writing isn’t a good way to make a living (said with sarcasm).

So, like a proper type-A over-achiever, I told myself I would pursue medicine. That also didn’t happen. I didn’t want it enough to commit to the work that a medical degree required. Although I still ended up with two hardcore science-y degrees.

I’m not sure if it’s the exact opposite of writing, but it’s not far off on the spectrum. To be fair, those are subjects that I’m passionate about and I really do enjoy my job. But, I never lost my love of writing so I’m going full-circle and coming back to it again.

As a hardcore introvert, I was also too embarrassed to let anybody read what I wrote. That hasn’t changed much, but I am working on just telling myself to get over it. I love the process enough that I am conquering my fear.

3. Passion for Personal Finance

I’m a numbers nerd and I get giddy about spreadsheets. I love thinking about the “what if’s” of personal finance. I also find the psychology behind finance to be absolutely fascinating. If I had to pick another field to study, behavioral economics/finance would be high on my list.

Others in the personal finance blogosphere have truly inspired me to push myself to be better. I hope to channel that passion into action on my part and share that inspiration with others.

4. My daughter

I had my first baby in March and it has been the best, most life-changing experience yet. It’s cliche, but the second she arrived everything became laser-focused to me that I want to do whatever is best for her.

I don’t believe you need to have material wealth to raise children well, but I want the freedom to make choices in her best interest that aren’t held back by financial strain. I want the freedom to send her to the best daycare I choose and not be limited by funds. I want the freedom to quit my job if I decide I would rather stay home with her. I want to model for her how to pursue her dreams (see #2). I want to set a good example for her when it comes to finances.

Hopefully, I will develop more reasons for keeping this going as I continue on this blogging journey.


What about you? What’s your why? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Those are pretty solid “why” reasons to start a blog! Im glad I’m not the only one to geek out over spreadsheets and calculating all the possibilities for our budget and future goals! Congrats on paying off so much debt! Keep it up and you’ll be debt free in no time!

    Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. What a wonderful post! It looks like you’re doing great for someone who started —congrats for taking the step!

    I’m new to blogging as well since I just went public in the last two weeks.

    Like you, I started bc I have a passion for personal finance, and I want to hold myself accountable for reaching my goals. Let’s not forget, financial freedom (some day) right? lol!

    Also like you, I am extremely shy when people read my stuff, but I told myself to just do it haha. AND as an introvert, I am actually one letter off from you — I’m an INFJ. 😉

    Well, I’m looking forward to reading your blog. Count me in your journey 🙂

    P.S. congrats on the new baby!

    1. Thank you! And cograts on launching your blog! I’m glad there are other introverts out there pushing their way through it and putting themselves out there. It can be very scary but fun and satisfying all at once 🙂

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